GLEN...... 2000-2012
Rest in Peace
Glen was born in the summer of 2000 the year after we bought the land and ponds which became Carleton Hill Fishery. He was (believe it or not) the runt of a litter of ten piglets born at Caldew School at Dalston. Good homes were needed for the Piglets so we volunteered. Glen travelled to his new home at the ponds in a cardboard box and he originally had just a small run and a small cosy hoosey. He was fed pig pellets, bread, apples, bananas, hot cross buns, mars bars etc. which he loved but turned his snout up at vegetable peelings, potatoes and the like being a more discerning Pig than most. He grew at an alarming rate and to accomodate him comfortably his run and hoosey grew at the same rate. He retained his "optional extras" despite an aborted attempt by a Vet to take them away and remained a "Full" boar all his life. The only useful thing to come out of that particular Vet's visit was an estimate based on measurements as to Glens weight which was 380-410kg (60-65 stones). Despite Glen's size and immense strength (he could snap fence posts simply by biting into them!) he was a placid, gentle giant and often shared his breakfast with a Robin and tolerated mice nicking pellets from his bowl as he ate! He loved to sunbathe whenever the opportunity arose and on fine summer nights he sometimes chose to sleep "al-fresco" under the hedge and under the stars.
On wednesday 17th October Glen enjoyed his breakfast in bed which included two bananas and an apple but sometime during the afternoon he passed peacefully away in his sleep. He was twelve years of age which is two years older than the average for his breed so he had enjoyed a very long and happy life. He is and will be sadly missed for a long time.